Dallas Rogers
Dallas Rogers
Project Management | Consultant | Producer

An interview with the real life DEA Agents the hit Netflix Show NARCOS was based on, Steve Murphy & Javier Pena



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Over 25 years of experience producing radio shows, TV broadcasts, short promo/social media length video and audio projects, and full length documentaries.

On this page, there is a composite video project demo to the left, and a few examples of projects I've produced. The message on this page is simple: If you like what you see, hire me. I love what I do, and I want to do a lot more of it!

Feel free to contact me about any project.



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The audio pieces on the top of this page are condensed and edited "On-Air" examples.  Each is from a different radio station at a different point in my career. Let's face it, we're not splitting the atom or curing cancer, it's just a goofy dude on the radio.


The audio pieces below are examples of creative writing, voice-over, and production. These are things I've written and produced over the years for radio stations across the country. Some are funny, some are complex music mixing and editing examples, and some are just cool.  Enjoy!



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The audio pieces on this page are Voice-Over demos broken up into different styles. 

The following is a documentary titled "Scott Carpenter & Aurora 7" I narrated for NASA HD TV Network.


The following is an industrial training video for SkinPHD. 



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The songs on this page are Demos. Each song is Published and available to license. The catalogue is much larger than this page allows, so if you're searching for a song with a specific genre, or subject, or style ... Just ask.

For Licensing and copyright info, email Dallas.

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99.9 Gator Country Free Concert Series at the Jacksonville Landing

DC101 Chili Cook-off in Washington DC

B94 Summer Stretch Concert at Starlake Amphitheater in Pittsburgh

Backstage at the Grammys on CBS

Red Carpet at The Grammy’s on CBS

B94 Jingle Ball in Pittsburgh

Q102 One Earth Party at Sawyer Point Park in Cincinnati

Kicks96 Redneck Olympics in Charleston, WV

Tour Manager for Josh Thompson (Sony Recording Artist)

APEX Corporate Seminar and Convention in Nashville


Dallas is an experienced Programming Specialist, Business Repair and Reorganization Consultant, and Audio Engineer for both broadcast, film, digital media, and music. He is a published songwriter, a music producer, and has been an award winning Creative Director for iHeartRadio and CBS.

Dallas is a Project Manager. Throughout his career, he has developed, produced, managed, and successfully created professional projects such as Live Events, Concerts, Festivals, TV Shows, Podcasts, Movies and Documentaries, and many other projects of varying size and scope. He has the ability to see and manage the entire project, step by step, from concept to completion.

Dallas began his broadcast career in 1988. The past 30 years have taken him to legendary radio stations like B94 in Pittsburgh, DC101 in Washington, DC, 102.7WEBN in Cincinnati, and 99.9 Gator Country in Jacksonville, FL, just to name a few.

Dallas has been a recording artist and professional songwriter since 2001. He was the former lead vocals for the rock band “down on jane”, and more recently a solo artist signed to an independent record label in Nashville, TN.

Dallas is also a Voice-­Over artist. He’s been the promo voice for TV and Radio stations across the country, numerous Hollywood movie trailers, animated characters, and commercials for companies like Coca-­Cola, and Pizza Hut. He was the narrator for Jerrod Niemann’s debut album, NASA-­TV, and the official voice of the US National Parks. In short ... he talks a lot.

He received his bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Business from West Virginia University.

I have been in broadcasting for over 40 years and have worked with lots of well-known consulting firms in our industry. My experience working will Dallas Rogers has been outstanding. His knowledge of not only broadcasting but, social media, video, over-the-air work, programming, promotions & marketing have been an invaluable asset to Kensington Digital Media. Whether Dallas is working with our Program Directors, production people, or directing a TV shoot, he is one of the most versatile consultants we’ve ever worked with. Whether your market is large or small, Dallas treats everyone with the exact same level of excellence. It is a pleasure to work with someone of his caliber.
— Tony Richards, Owner/CEO, Kensington Digital Media
I have worked with and known Dallas for over 25 years on several radio, film, and television projects, as well as other creative endeavors throughout the industry. He is one of the most creative individuals I know. Dallas is a natural leader and is one of the most effective producers of radio, film and television that I’ve worked with and is a true pleasure to be around. His experience and tireless work ethic, combined with his creativity, are essential when creating any team!
— Guy Noffsinger, Emmy Award Winning Producer/Director, Guy Noffsinger HD Video and Fine Photography

Email:    trfox1@me.com

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